Little Guys - Usurp Synapse - This Endless Breath (CD)


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  1. Usurp Synapse was a screamo/emo violence from Indiana that existed between and In they got back together again, recorded a full-length (which you can listen to on their Myspace) and wanted to tour the UK with Phoenix Bodies but it fell group combined fast and frantic grindcore influenced drumming and guitar work, and raw screams.
  2. Orchid, pageninetynine, In/Humanity, Palatka, and Usurp Synapse are a few notable examples. Emo Pop sprouted from the crossover of pop-punk and Midwest emo bands, but also includes pop-punk bands with a heavy emocore influence. Artists range from the Get-Up Kids and the Promise Ring, to Taking Back Sunday, to even the early work of Fall Out Boy.
  3. Usurp Synapse are a screamo/hardcore/emo violence band from Lafayette, IN. The group combined fast and frantic grindcore influenced drumming and guitar work, and .
  4. Natural Dreamers Natural Dreamers () the jolted, angular guitar, bass, drum, and ever occasional banjo work cooked up by this experimental rock semi-super group, (two guys from Deerhoof with a different drummer), sounds a little too rehearsed to be free improv, but only a little bit. even as minimal and schizo as it all might be, some of this is pretty lush and poppy. this record runs a.
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  6. They've billed it as their final album but will continue to tour. These guys are one of the most essential hardcore bands, so get into it. Texas Is The Reason The Appleseed Cast The Armed The Beautiful Ones The Blacktop Cadence The Blue Ontario The Brass The Brave Little Hour Turn Twin Peaks Twitching Tongues Two Knights Unbroken Union.
  7. The band itself mentions a cross between Terrorizer, Siege and Napalm Death with The Jesus Lizard and Arab On Radar. Awesome. They also reminded somewhat me of 90s outfits such as Melt Banana, The Locust and even Usurp Synapse but with a more "true" grindcore attitude. Finally, their more recent split with UK grind heroes Horsebastard is pretty.
  8. It’s the kind of release that repeated listens are needed to fully grasp what is going on given all the shifts of soundscape and time signatures. With the indie/math rock fused panache of Don Caballero and Hella to the dissonant 90’s skramz of later Jeromes Dream and Usurp Synapse; there’s plenty of noise and experimentation to go around.

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