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  1. the state of having or appearing to have no weight; the fact of not being affected by gravity (= the force that makes things fall to the ground): The animals will be used to study the effects of weightlessness .
  2. What you will make. In this activity, you will learn how to simulate the effects of weightlessness in space with this Scratch game, as well as computer science concepts like .
  3. Weightlessness Written by tutor Thomas L.. The concept of weightlessness is one that is easily misunderstood by most people until they have been exposed to introductory physics for the first time. For example, many of us learn early on (correctly) that weight depends on force of gravity F g =mg, and that we weigh more on earth than on the moon because the strength of gravity on earth (g= m.
  4. Provided to YouTube by Freshtunes Weightlessness · MovieStraife Escape from the Magic Forest ℗ WhiteFox Records Released on: Auto-generated b.
  5. "The weightlessness kind of helps my body release itself," Cozzie said. How a suburban scuba program helps veterans The plane flies on a fraction of an elliptical orbit, essentially a parabola, for seconds at a time and during this you experience weightlessness.
  6. 'Weightlessness' centers around the disappearance of the groom the next day after a wedding reception held in a magnificent mansion. The bride, the groom's mother and sister, and his lover who came to the wedding uninvited are all looking for the reason for his disappearance.
  7. 2 synonyms of weightlessness from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for weightlessness. Weightlessness: .
  8. Aug 11,  · Prolonged weightlessness can wreak havoc on spacefarers' bodies. Outside of Earth's gravity, bones swiftly lose mass at a rate of roughly % per month and muscles atrophy. Even more disconcertingly – fluids accumulate near the top of the body and blood fluid volume decreases.
  9. Weightlessness is a paradigm shifting growth process that uniquely integrates four key pillars — nutrition, strength, flexibility, and meditation — to liberate you of burdens, both mental and physical, and help you activate a sense of passion and freedom (weightlessness) in life.

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